Special Risks

With kidnap and detention risks increasing once again and the response to which is attracting the headlines it is critical that organisations which may be vulnerable to these risks be fully prepared in managing them and their impact.

Australian businesses are operating in higher-risk countries more than ever which makes them vulnerable to the risks of kidnap, detention, extortion and hijack – risks which they may not have previously considered. These risks are volatile and can have severe impacts on an organisation, therefore having the most appropriate risk management solution in place is critical to ensuring survival of the organisation.

Along with the risks increasing, the regulatory environment is in a state of flux with many governments investigating the best method in handling a kidnap, extortion, detention and hijack which may involve one of their citizens. This heavily influences how an organisation responds to a particular incident and also supports the need to ensure the organisation has access to specialists who understand all the elements involved in handling an incident of kidnap, detention, extortion and hijack.

AHI Special Risks

AHI's Special Risks Cover (kidnap, extortion, detention, and hijack) is bespoke to clients' needs; approaching these risks with an expert understanding of exposures is critical to ensuring our clients' have appropriate cover in place. AHI's Special Risks Cover is managed by a recognised global leader which allows our clients to be confident that they are getting the best in class underwriting of their risks.

AHI offer clients an all-encompassing robust solution which includes pre-incident risk management, training, insurance and unlimited incident response. The aim is to provide Australasian organisations with local expert underwriting and consultancy with global reach and understanding of their overseas risks.

Our commitment

No matter where clients operate or the nature of their business AHI will provide cover for Kidnap, Extortion, Detention and Hijack that is tailored to meet our clients' needs. With a comprehensive insurance wording and access to one the most trusted consultancy firms globally, clients can be assured that in the event of an incident they and their employees are fully protected.

AHI respects the sensitivities involved when clients deal with the resolution of these incidents along with the potential adverse impacts they face following the resolution; a dedicated and specialised claims service allows clients to be confident that AHI will deal with the claim in an understanding and flexible manner.

Accident & Health International Special Risks Cover
Covered Events
  • Kidnap or alleged kidnap
  • Extortion – threats to physically harm, threats to release trade secrets, threats to damage product and/or property of insured, threats against insured's IT systems.
  • Detention – of any kind
  • Hijack – of any kind
  • Threats of any kind
Covered people
  • All directors, officers and employees including local nationals, expats, contractors, consultants etc
  • Family members to lineal descendent and including defacto relationships
  • Guests

    (all automatically covered)
Covered losses
  • Ransom
  • Ransom lost
  • Litigation costs
  • Any reasonable expense
  • Consultants fees and expenses
  • Threat expenses
  • Business interruption
  • Per loss per event no aggregate
  • To $25m
  • Consultants' fees are unlimited – available 24/7/365 for duration of event
  • Dynamiq
  • Experienced response consultant team available exclusively to AHI K&R clients.
  • Worldwide (including location of citizenship and residency)
Key Exclusions
  • Face-to-face encounters
  • Detention caused by fraud

Dedicated response consultants; Dynamiq

AHI's exclusively retained consultancy firm, Dynamiq, is a trusted emergency management organisation with global resources. Dynamiq is Australia's largest specialist emergency management firm who supports clients in Australia, Africa, The Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe; globally, Dynamiq responds to over 3,000 emergency cases each year. Dynamiq has 145 full time staff, including 21 full time crisis response consultants and a 24/7 emergency operations centre – access to Special Risk Response services which is provided exclusively to AHI clients. With a core kidnap response team and a significant infrastructure Dynamiq's support to AHI clients is robust and unrivalled in the Australasian market. Dynamiq's global network covers 208 countries across 6 continents, which include legal advisors, government liaison experts, intelligence analysts, Australian and international crisis communication experts and interpreters.

Additional services

Dynamiq provides consulting, training, exercising, remote staffing, intelligence analysis, travel tracking and response solutions for domestic and international business continuity, crisis management, travel risk management, remote medical and security solutions. All such services can be made available to AHI clients on request.

Proven expertise

Dynamiq's skills and expertise are distinctly suited to clients with Special Risks exposures with an approach which is designed to ensure that clients can be fully confident of receiving a robust tailored solution. With a key focus on a successful resolution in the event of an incident, Dynamiq works with clients closely on plans to protect people, assets and ultimately the reputation of the organisation. Dynamiq has worked with many clients with global exposures and diverse businesses in providing an integrated response to address all their needs, more specifically with kidnapping, extortion and evacuations.

Dynamiq Advantage

  • 21 Crisis consultants have collectively resolved 32 complex events (kidnap, extortion, detention, hijack and political evacuation) in the last three years
  • 24/7/365 call centre in Australia operated and managed by Crisis Management personnel
  • Handles over 3,000 cases annually – stretching from lost passports to extreme risk in-country safety and security escorting (e.g. Syria, August 2012)
  • Decentralized consultancy
  • Established and tested networks around the globe – including in conflict zones (Syria, Libya and Afghanistan) as well as emerging markets such as Myanmar
  • Delivers Crisis Management solutions to organisations worldwide – rapidly deployable and flexible
  • Hundreds of corporate and private clients – a true understanding of respective needs
  • Recent experience in Africa, Asia-Pacific, South America and Middle East
  • Diverse consultant backgrounds – stretching from government/politics, military, corporate communications and medical professions
  • Established relationships with governments, regulators, police authorities, interpreters and medical personnel
  • Crisis Communications capability – experienced advisors with a proven approach

For more information please visit Dynamiq's website;