Expatriate Medical Expenses

Each year our expatriate medical expenses policies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical, specialist, hospital, pharmaceutical and ancillary expenses.

In areas where medical treatment is inadequate emergency medical evacuations are facilitated, transporting our Insured Persons to first world medical care and subsequent repatriation back to Australia or country of origin.

Emergency medical evacuations and medical treatment can be extremely costly in foreign countries, our policy provides your expatriate employees with the medical and evacuation cover they need whilst working abroad.

The policy can be tailored to include other benefits, such as Personal Accident & Sickness and Personal Liability covers which are common extensions.

Policy Features

  • 24 hour emergency assistance through AHI Assist telephone number Contact Us
  • AHI Assist

    AHI Assist provides emergency medical assistance to our clients including many medical evacuations to first world care every year. They also provide services and advice in many other areas, from replacing a lost passport, to providing interpreters to retrieval of a deceased person and their transportation back to Australia.

    Dynamiq Assist are our Security and Emergency Management Consultant, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Dynamiq Assist provides a specialist service assisting you with travel, safety and global emergency situations. Thus allowing you to have confidence in your personal safety and security whilst travelling.

  • Cover for all medical expenses after the accident, illness or treatment
  • Cover for routine dental, optical and medical expenses up to the policy limit
  • Pre and post natal care costs including emergency costs (subject to waiting period)
  • Full personal safety assistance including advice and evacuation for any personal safety issue including political unrest and natural disasters
  • Worldwide War Cover is included as standard. Exclusion areas are: country of domicile, Iraq and Afghanistan. Cover can be purchased for these areas at an additional cost

Policy Sections

  • Medical Expenses
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • Evacuation Cover and Personal Safety for Political, personal safety and Natural Disasters


  • Personal Accident:
    • Death & Capital Benefits
    • Weekly Benefits
  • Personal Liability
  • Optional business travel cover for travel outside country of residence
For more information on our Expatriate Insurance, download:

Download Expatriate Medical Expenses Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Wording
Download Expatriate Medical Expenses Application Form
Download Expatriate Medical Expenses Claim Form