'I'm very impressed yet again.

This is a real credit to your company, extracting compliments from our client is no small achievement and to my knowledge yours is the only claims team to have ever received a compliment on any lines of insurance.

There's no doubt that at present the only company I would recommend to clients for the best in coverage and claims service is AHI.

Thank you.' Broker/Intermediary

'Thank you for such a fantastic job.

I have spoken to (our client) this morning and he asked me to pass on his gratitude to all involved regarding our speed in settling the claim to the estate. He is very grateful that your team have provided great support to him and his family.

Accident and Health have shown compassion in the underwriting and claims teams by providing me with good support in settling this part of the claim. To turn around the claims cheque to the family in less than 24 hours of receiving the claim form is a great testament to your ability to settle claims. Your assistance and advice along the way has been a tremendous help.

I have passed onto the family that our thoughts will be with them on behalf of our organisations. Once again, thank you to the team at Accident & Health.' Broker/Intermediary

It is with sincere and heartfelt gratitude that I am writing this letter to you.

It is now some five weeks since I was struck down in the middle of China, with acute Pancreatitis and sundry other life threatening ailments. Whilst I was 'out to it' for some five days, you managed with the utmost speed and efficiency in getting me to one of the best hospitals in the world in Hong Kong, where I received the worlds' best attention.

I cannot get over the care and understanding you showed to my wife and me, in bringing her to my side when I awoke from my induced coma. You are undoubtedly aware and have some understanding of the comfort and re-assurance this gave to both of us during the initial stages of my journey back to life.

At all hours of the day and night, you kept in constant touch with my wife. You spared nothing to ensure that the recovery experience was as smooth as humanly possible.

You ensured that the timing for my return to Australia was just right. The choice of 'Careflight' to arrange this trip, was another example of your ability to source some of the world's 'best practice' paramedics. Their professionalism was overt and caring. One could not ask for more empathetic attention.

In all, in this day and age, where one expects the very worst of service from insurance companies, big business and privatised corporations, your performance in caring for your customers is nothing short of exemplary. Thank you!' Claimant

'24hr help line at A&H International was answered by knowledgeable, helpful and caring operators every time I called and they quickly set me up with a case officer who was very helpful.'

From our perspective, to have staff overseas able to access such high quality service as provided by your 24hr contact line when they are in times of need is reassuring and pleasing. For that we are thankful. Risk Assurance Manager