How To Make A Claim

AHI provides outstanding claims service for our brokers/intermediaries and clients. Speed and accuracy when settling claims is important.

When submitting a claim, a claim form must be fully completed with Policy Number or Policy Holder Name in full (i.e. Employer, University, Sporting or Volunteer Organisation)

All supporting documentation must be included with your Claim (see each section under How to Make a Claim for further details)

Claims can be lodged as follows:
  • Fax  - (02) 9252 4385
  • Email - to
  • Email - Direct to claims assessor if you have their details
  • Post  - to GPO Box 4213, Sydney, NSW, 2001

Corporate Travel

All losses for baggage, money and travel documents must be reported to local authorities within 24 hours and a written report obtained.

Medical claims, should be submitted to your local health providers prior to lodgement with AHI.

Immediately report any baggage loss or damage to the airline or carrier involved and submit a claim against the airline. They may be responsible for damage and or loss and compensation must be obtained through this avenue first.

  • Receipts for all medical expenses incurred. This may also include any hospital invoices that indicate itemised accounts or treatment services provided
  • Medical benefit refund documents
  • Doctors Certificate or letter from the hospital specifying exact nature of medical condition suffered by insured person
  • A copy of your travel itinerary or travel tickets
  • Copies of any relevant Police reports if they were called to assist in any matters
  • Additional Expenses claim receipts and tickets
  • Letter from Travel Agent or carrier verifying reason for additional expenses and full details of any refund obtained

Additional or curtailment expenses occur after your journey has commenced. These are extra expenses that you would not normally have incurred if the claimable event had not taken place.

Please ensure that the currency in which expenses were incurred is clearly indicated on the claim form.

Accident & Health may request that original receipts with respect to hospitalisation costs be provided.

  • A Police report or declaration if items were stolen. All losses or stolen property should be reported to the Police or appropriate local authorities and acknowledgement obtained
  • Report or letter from authority such as Police or Airline confirming the loss occurred and the amount of compensation provided
  • Proof of ownership of items claimed. Receipts, valuations, Guarantee Certificates, Instruction Manuals, credit card statements or other proof of purchase and supporting documentation
  • If baggage was lost or damaged by an airline or carrier it should immediately be reported and a claim first lodged against them. In most cases they may be liable for some or all of the damage or loss.
  • Bank Statement, transaction receipts, foreign currency conversion receipt or other proof of cash claimed
  • Quotation for repair or replacement of items
  • Copy of travel itinerary or travel tickets
  • Original Tickets or Vouchers if a refund has not been obtained
  • Copy of any itemised costs and or deposits that you paid for your proposed journey
  • Doctor's Certificate or a letter from the hospital specifying exact nature of medical condition suffered by Insured person
  • Letter from Travel Agent verifying total cost of Journey, value of unused portion of journey, cancellation charges incurred and total amount of refund received
  • Medical certificates to support any illness, or a copy of a death certificate if your travel was cancelled due to a death in the family
  • A letter from your Travel Agent, Tour Operator or Airline indicating any refunds that you have already received or may be eligible to receive

Loss of deposits or cancellation expenses are incurred if a claimable event occurs before you undertake your proposed journey.

  • Letters or Demands of a claim against the insured person
  • A copy of the Rental Agreement or contract showing the excess
  • Receipt from the rental company indicating payment of excess
  • A Statement from the rental company indicating the cost of damaged to the vehicle
  • The vehicle repair invoice
  • If damage to the vehicle was of a minor nature and costs were less than the excess, then we will also require the repair invoice that indicates the amount that was paid

Accident & Health may appoint a loss assessor to assist with the collection of any further information that may be required.

Download Corporate Travel Claim Form

Personal Accident, Personal Accident & Sickness, Journey Cover, Voluntary Workers Cover

  • The Attending Physicians Statement must be fully completed and signed by Your regular or treating doctor
  • You may also attach additional medical certificates to your claim form
  • If your claim involves the payment of a weekly benefit you must also provide documentation to support your weekly earnings. This may be;
    • A copy of Your weekly pay slip if You are employed by someone else; or
    • You may have Your Company's payroll officer complete and sign the relevant section of the claim form; or
    • If You are self-employed You must provide a copy of Your most recent personal income tax return or assessment. This may also be supplemented with copies of any relevant 'profit and loss' statements.
Voluntary Workers additional information
  • Policy Club Secretary/President or appropriate are to sign the declaration stating the incident occurred during an authorised sporting, club or association activity
  • If your claim involves the reimbursement of out of pocket non-Medicare medical expenses or other expenses then also complete the attached spreadsheet itemising your costs. (Receipts must be provided for all expenses claimed including corresponding Private Health Fund Benefit Statements)
Accident & Health may appoint a loss assessor to assist with the collection of any further information that may be required.

Download Personal Accident, Personal Accident & Sickness, Journey Cover, Voluntary Workers Claim Form

Download Voluntary Workers Cost Itemising Spreadsheet

Accidental Death Claim

  • A copy of a Police report if the Police were called to the event
  • A copy of original Death Certificate
  • Copy of Coroner's Depositions and Findings (if applicable)
Important Information:

Benefits will normally only be paid to the Estate of the "Deceased Person". Any other payment direction will need to be supported by the appropriate legal correspondence.

Accident & Health may appoint a claims assessor to assist with the collection of any further information that may be required.

Download Accidental Death Claim Form

Expatriate Medical Expenses, Inbound Medical Expenses

Provide receipts for all medical, hospital, pharmaceutical or other expenses etc for which you are claiming (We may request that original receipts be provided)

Any other relevant documentation supporting reimbursement

Submit the actual medical account along with any payment receipts. The medical account contains specific item codes and treatment codes that are required to assess your claim. Please note that credit card receipts alone are not accepted.


For any medical expenses occurred in Australia, please quote your claim number and post the original receipt to us at:

Claims Department
Accident & Health International
GPO Box 4213
Sydney NSW 2001

Important Information

If you are about to undergo planned or elective surgery or you are pregnant; it is advisable that you contact Accident & Health International as soon as possible 'during normal business hours'.

Many hospitals require full payment or guarantee of payment for treatment services prior to the treatment. We may be able to liaise directly with the hospital for payment of larger accounts.

For routine treatment services such as doctors visits or dental check ups etc., You must first pay and then make a claim against your Insurance.


Expatriates who return to Australia on a temporary basis (such as on leave or business), may be eligible for some reimbursement by Medicare even for up to periods of 5 years after leaving Australia. If medical treatment of this nature is contemplated please contact the claims department for assistance prior to the treatment.

Those Expatriates living and working overseas should contact Accident & Health Assist (24/7) for any treatment (elective or emergency) that has been received in a hospital. Even simple procedures undertaken in an American Hospital may cost many thousands of dollars. Our Global medical networks may be able to deal directly with the Hospital with respect to payment of these larger accounts.

Download Expatriate Medical Expenses Claim Form

Download Inbound Medical Expenses Claim Form